What Internet Browser should you be Using?

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What internet browser should you be using on your computers, phones, tablets and smart TVs?
Think it doesn’t matter… well if you want companies all around the world storing, sharing, and selling your personal information and your computer being more vulnerable to hacking… then it doesn’t matter. But if you want to protect the privacy and dignity of yourself and your family, make your business more secure, and have an all round better and safer experience on the Internet, then I am recommending to use Firefox Browser for internet use. They had some issues years ago with crashing on certain operating systems but they have updated it and made it into an excellent, secure and stable internet browser now.
All you need to do is to go to the Mozilla Firefox website (https://www.mozilla.org) and download it [it usually detects your operating system for you and provides the right option for downloading], then install it on your computer and update your computer settings so it is your DEFAULT internet browser. After you have done that, you can open your other existing internet browser/s on your computer, clear your data/history, delete saved logins (record them first), back up bookmarks to import into Firefox (if you use bookmarks and need to save them), then uninstall the browser from your computer/device (some browsers are part of the operating system and cannot be deleted, but you can clear all your data and stop using them).
The only exception for needing Google Chrome browser is that if you have a business and ever need to use some of the government website portals (Eg. ASIC, ATO, etc.), then they may require Chrome or another browser to use the portal. In which case you can keep it installed after clearing your data, and use it solely for that purpose. You can still use Google Search Engine on Firefox browser, however there are a few additional steps you can take to make your internet use more secure (which I will follow up in my next posts).
duckduckgo browser
Duck Duck Go search engine is a better alternative for private use within the Firefox browser. Don’t be complacent with this issue. Australian businesses and individuals of all walks of life are being hacked, scammed and defrauded everyday.
Protect yourself from both the criminal hacking scum, and the greedy and unscrupulous corporations who are preying on us all on a daily basis!