If you use a safe browser such as Firefox, are you still being tracked/monitored?

If you use a safe browser such as Firefox, are you still being tracked/monitored? Potentially. If you are using Google search inside Firefox browser (especially if you are logged into a Google/G mail account), Google and other data companies will still be attempting to track you. Inside your Google account you can go to Manage your account> Data & Personalisation> Activity controls > Pause all your activity (Web and app activity, Youtube, Location, etc). In addition to this it is very worthwhile to go into Firefox settings (top right corner of browser) and select Add-ons. Here you can add additional security and privacy features, as well as some other cool browser features (will post more about them soon).


Here are some security/privacy add-ons I would recommend-

Facebook Container

facebook security

(Stops FB from tracking your other web activity)
Ad Blocker Ultimate

ad blocker

(Blocks Youtube ads and some other ads)
Privacy Badger

internet privacy

(Blocks trackers as you are surfing the net)
You just have to select them and make sure they are turned on.
The last thing thing I would say at this stage is to use a VPN.

A VPN hides the location from where you are using the internet and makes it much harder for trackers, hackers, and other nefarious actors to harm you on the internet. Using a safe VPN (don’t just use any one, do some research… I will try to post on this soon too), will give you a great deal of added protection. To protect yourself as best as you can from malware, viruses, etc. you should also…

  1. Have your computer, and ALL your other devices that connect to the internet, set up securely!
  2. Know how to navigate the internet safely (opening emails, downloading software, etc.)

Will touch on these things next

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